After the complete refurbishment, the Hotel THE BRISTOL in Bern was reopened at the beginning of 2018. The hotel is managed under the Swiss Design Collection AG. Bel Etage with Markus Kirchhofer as owner was responsible for the entire design in the new hotel. With a lot of feeling and expertise, Bel Etage has delivered a real masterpiece. Avocado360 and Urs Wyss as a photographer took the 360 degree Panorama Tour and the Interior photos for BelEtage.

Technical implementation

14 panoramas for 14 rooms were inserted into the avocado360 viewer. In addition, interior photos of the entire hotel were taken for printing and web presentation. The shooting punk for the panoramas was chosen by the photographer himself. The 360 degree Panorama Tour is used on the Bel Etage website and is presented on large screens at trade fairs and exhibitions.



  • Conception and consulting
  • Recordings of the panoramas
  • Implementing in the Viwer
  • Photographs of interior photos of the entire hotel


  • Print, Website, Large TV Screens