UBS Optimus Foundation: Going the last mile VR 360

A trip to Liberia as a 360 ° virtual reality experience.

For the UBS Optimus Foundation’s inspiring programs, a small team from ateo Zurich and avocado360 traveled to Liberia. The country, marked by long-running, ruinous civil war and deadly Ebola virus, is supported by various relief organisations. The UBS Optimus Foundation supports two relief organisations with donations. In order to bring the supporters closer to the work of the relief organisations at home, UBS’s leaders decided to go a new way and bring history as a 360 ° virtual reality experience. The video is most impressive when viewed with a VR glasses over the mobile. Production: Sebastian Tobler @ ateo, sound: Neil Raouf, editing and color grading: Christian Mülhauser, director and camera: Urs Wyss @ avocado360, Voice: Ian Welle-Skitt @ ubs